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NatBur's TVRenamer

After unsuccessfully searching around the web to find something that did everything I wanted and that I didn't have to babysit or change my file/folder structure to get to work, I gave up and wrote my own.  So here it is, NatBur's TVRenamer.  It's the TV episode renamer that does everything that you could want, and probably a few things you didn't even know you wanted!

Requires the .Net Framework version 2.0


  • Monitor folder for new files
  • Can handle a vast number of file naming schems
  • Automatically download episode titles from the web
  • Customizable renaming mask allows any renaming pattern
  • Automatically move renamed files to seperate folders based on series title
  • Undo any renaming action
  •  Scan individual folders without interfering with the folder monitoring
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TVRenamer v0.4.5.0 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan   
Monday, 07 January 2008

TVRenamer v4.5.0 has been released.

File is here

There a number of changes in this version:

  • 'Automatic' scan misspelled
  • Program crashed when theTVDB was inaccessable
  • Shows can now be locked so the program won't attempt to change them
  • Renamer was not correctly place subfolder items
  • Threadsafe locking for classes
  • Reduced disk IO (seralized classes are at launch, and only written on exit)
  • CleanXML could delete the active id
  • EditShows would error on an invalid entry
  • Turned off row headers
  • Fixed tab order on all forms
  • Season 0 and episode 0 now accepted as valid entries (used for speicals)
  • Locked row height on all forms
  • Adjusted column witdths (only 'fill' with on column)
  • Tray icon tooltip now shows autorename status
  • Ability to remove rows in editshows
  • Ability to search for a new show if the drop-down doesn't have it
  • Web updates of alias and prepend
  • Enter/esc keys in edit alias now respond correctly
  • Changed editalias default location to centerparent
  • Esc key in main form now minimizes the form
  • Invalid/corrupted xml files could cause the program to crash
  • Add/delete rows in alias via a context menu
  • Added context menu to all forms
  • Properly detects shows with trailing year number (ie robin hood 2006)
  • Updated part number detection to include part x of y

 Still left on my TODO list:

  • Logging (multiple log levels)
  • Either remove history row after undo, or offer a 'redo' option.
  • When goes down, go into a wait state until it comes back up (currently ignores the file and moves on)
  • Preferences menu 
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