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NatBur's TVRenamer

After unsuccessfully searching around the web to find something that did everything I wanted and that I didn't have to babysit or change my file/folder structure to get to work, I gave up and wrote my own.  So here it is, NatBur's TVRenamer.  It's the TV episode renamer that does everything that you could want, and probably a few things you didn't even know you wanted!

Requires the .Net Framework version 2.0


  • Monitor folder for new files
  • Can handle a vast number of file naming schems
  • Automatically download episode titles from the web
  • Customizable renaming mask allows any renaming pattern
  • Automatically move renamed files to seperate folders based on series title
  • Undo any renaming action
  •  Scan individual folders without interfering with the folder monitoring
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TVRenamer v0.4.6.0 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathan   
Friday, 01 February 2008

TVRenamer v0.4.6.0 is out.

Lots of bugfixes and new features:     

Log Levels:
0 - Errors Only
1 - OldFile, NewFile
2 - +All Renamer Logic
3 - +All Renamer Sub-Logic
4 - +All Program Logic
5 - +All Methods


Directory structure can now be specified in the renaming mask:

  • for example: {TITLE}\Season ##\{TITLE} - s##e$$[, e%%] - {NAME}[ - {PARTI}]
  • works best when used with a default moveTo directory 

 Preferences Menu:

  •   Logs
  •   Ignore sample files
  •   Start with windows
  •   Check version on start
  •     Automatically download updates
  •   Default MoveTo Directory
  •   Adjust timeout on file unlock
  •   Close to tray
  •   Minimize to taskbar
  •   Adjust autosave interval

Start minimized when starting with windows
Show/Hide options in tray menu
Learning Mode
  Disables actual renaming but builds the Shows files
Status and cancel option on version downloads
Add a version number to shows.xml and implimented and upgrade function

  Other... not being handled while the cell is in edit mode
  XML files not saved while program is open
  Edit Shows:

  •     ID = 0 not handled
  •     NULL Reference from old, broken, shows.xml
  •     Blank SHORTNAME should not be accepted
  •     Scrolls rapidly when mouse over last row

  ShortName now behaving as initially intended
  Only extension not enabling field
  Disable 'Rename' button while scans are in progress
  Shows not threadsafe
  Log is causing large numbers of disk IO operations

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